Standard Turnkey Packaging Systems By Industry

Thinking about producing and packaging your own distilled spirit or other beverage? Found a water source and want to share it with the world? Or maybe you have a great idea for a new fragrance for a room freshener, body spray or perfume? Regardless of the product, many new companies can get by packaging by hand when production demands are fairly low. But as popularity and production increase, new ways to fill, cap and label products must be investigated.

For packagers old and new, LPS has added a new section to our website called "Complete Turnkey Solutions" which can be found at the bottom of the left hand products navigation menu on any page of the site. This section of the website will allow those searching for packaging machinery to quickly and easily locate the products that are used most often in their own industry, or a very similar industry. For example, someone bottling a new type of beverage can find standard automated packaging systems for both thin and thick products, as well as a typical tabletop system for a packager with space restraints or lower production demands. The standard system for an automated system for a thin, free-flowing beverage would include the following machinery:

  • Loading Turntable
  • Power Conveyors
  • Automatic Rinsing Machine
  • Automatic Overflow Filler
  • Automatic Spindle Capper
  • Labeling Machine - Front, Back and Wrap
  • Accumulating Turntable

Those interested in such a system can simply request a quote on the system itself or click on the product links for more information about an individual machine.

Keep in mind though, that the Complete Turnkey Solutions page is meant to be a starting point to help packagers indentify those machines most commonly used in a specific industry. Almost every system will include at least minor modifications to a line or machinery to meet the specific needs of the packager. Even very similar products may have characteristics that require different nozzle sizes, different pumps or even a different filling principle than those shown in the standard systems on the Complete Turnkey Solutions page. Along the same lines, package size and shape may require modification to the conveyor, turntable, bottle filler or other equipment.

We like to say that all of our packaging equipment is custom manufactured simply because at LPS we will not build machinery without first understanding the product, package, demand, needs and desires of each of our customers. But starting from a common, or standard, packaging line can be the first step in determining what modifications or alternatives will provide the best solution for any packaging process.

Visit the Complete Turnkey Solutions page to get started!