Stock Up on Packaging Machinery Spare Parts for the End of 2023

While the heat waves continue to move through the United States, the calendar doesn't lie. We are nearing the final quarter of 2023 and with it the holiday season. For many packagers, the last months of the year bring changes to packaging processes, adding new products, limited run items and holiday specials. The added work can lead to added wear and tear on packaging equipment and components. The end of summer offers an ideal time to pause and ensure wear and spare parts are available before the end of the year rush.

Wear parts on packaging machinery are typically those that contact bottles, product, caps or other items during the packaging process. Though replacement should not be common, such contact will cause the parts to deteriorate over time, reducing the efficiency of the machinery. Replacing these parts when necessary helps to extend the life of the equipment as a whole and keeps the packaging process reliable and consistent.

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, wear and spare parts are kept in stock to ensure limited downtime for packagers with LPS equipment. But keeping these parts on site and near the production floor can reduce stoppages even more! For those with filling machines, this may include stocking an extra fill head, seals for fill heads, tubing or other items, depending on the type of filler being used for any given project. Those with cappers may want to keep additional spindles, belts or inserts on hand. Even extra conveyor belting or sprockets on the shelf can make troubleshooting and wear part replacement quick and simple.

For those with questions regarding wear parts or spare parts for any piece of equipment, the LPS Parts Department can be reached at 1-800-393-3600. Parts representatives can walk through equipment with packagers to understand the machinery and suggest packages or individual spare parts to be kept on-hand at the production facility. For those with custom packaging equipment that may have unique components or assemblies requiring lead times on replacements, keeping spares on hand can be even more important.

LPS also offers technical support for those rare occasions when machine efficiency suffers and the cause cannot be immediately determined. Technicians are available by phone, zoom meeting and even for a plant visit when necessary, to assist in troubleshooting and repair.

Working with LPS to prepare packaging equipment now for the end of 2023 can help ensure a worry-free holiday season and a smooth transition into the new year.