Sustainability Remains Major Focus For Packagers in 2015

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we look forward to the new and innovative products that arrive each new year. But as 2015 materializes, one thing that packagers new and old must realize is that sustainable packaging is not an option, but rather an obligation. Both consumers and businesses are forcing packagers to analyze and better their packaging and their packaging process.

In very general terms, the end goal of sustainability is to reduce the environmental impact and ecological footprint of the packaging process, and this can be achieved in many, many different ways. The reduction of the environmental impact can be achieved, for example, by using fewer resources, re-using resources and diminishing the amoount of waste created during the entire process of getting a product to consumers, from the manufacture of the bottle, to the packaging process and even in transporting materials and products. Reducing the environmental impact itself goes a long way toward reducing the ecological footprint, which is basically a comparison of human consumption versus the earth's ability to renew those resources used by humans.

So moving into the new year, how will companies new and old become more sustainable? As noted above, greater sustainability can be achieved in a number of different ways, and each individual company should look at their own processes to find those areas that can bring the greatest benefit. Some of the major trends in 2015 may include lighter packaging weight or simply a reduction in the packaging material used for some products. Recycled and recyclable materials will also continue to be a desirable component for packagers in the coming year. However, even with an emphasis on sustainability, packagers must also consider other consumer trends, such as the trend toward user-friendly, or functional packaging. So the trick for the best packagers in the coming year may be to find innovative, functional packaging and processes that also reduces environmental impact. While no easy task, balancing these and other factors can mean not only happier customers, but as a result a better bottom line.

As packaging machinery manufacturers, our job at LPS is to create equipment that will assist in making the packaging process more sustainable as a whole. In 2015, just as in previous years, we will achieve this goal by working one-on-one with each and every packager who entrusts us with their business. By analyzing package, product, production demands and other key issues surrounding each specific process, we identify the best solution using consistent, reliable equipment - from tabletop machinery to completely automated lines including liquid fillers, capping machines, power conveyors and more.

Whether you are looking for your first packaging system or attempting to upgrade an existing line, we invite you to give LPS a call in 2015 to take advantage of our knowledge and experience.