Tabletop Filling For Craft Distillers

In almost any industry, there will be craft producers of industry products. In the distilled spirits industry, craft distillers have grown in both number and sales over the last decade. While market share increases, the amount produced by many of these companies remains below the production of large format distilleries. While some distillers may continue to package their product by hand, others may require assistance when demand for a product grows. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, tabletop filling machines can help fill the gap between hand packaging and fully automatic bottle filling.

Tabletop filling equipment, as the name suggests, requires very little space for production. These machines can literally sit on top of a table to add efficiency to the filling process. Operators of the equipment simply place bottles under each of the fill heads and use a switch to initiate the fill. Just like automatic bottle fillers, the tabletop equipment can fill by volume or to a level, the two most common fill types in the distilled spirits industry.

Filling by volume ensures that the same volume of product is released in to each of the waiting containers. Filling to a level may be preferred by those distillers that use clear bottles, however, as such a fill creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance when the product reaches the shelf. In almost all cases, filling to a level will still meet tolerances required by the industry unless the bottles themselves come out of manufacturing with wide ranges of interior volumes. The best type of fill for each distiller will be determined by the bottles and a number of other factors.

For small craft distillers, single head tabletop fillers are available. Multiple head fillers can be manufactured for those companies with slightly larger demand for product. These machines also allow for upgrades in the form of additional heads, which can be added to the machine as production increases. However, tabletop filling equipment will usually not support more than four or six heads.

For distillers looking to increase production, consistency and efficiency, tabletop filling machines can be an ideal solution. Other semi-automatic equipment such as rinsing machines, bottle corkers and more can be added to the liquid filler to create a simply and efficient packaging system for distilled spirits.

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