Talking Turkey...and Packaging Machinery

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the Packaging Industry, which in one way or another is pretty much everyone! Now how can Thanksgiving possibly relate to packaging machinery? Fairly easily, actually. Think about the turkey, stuffing, gravy, butter, mashed potatoes and even the post feast cocktails and it's a pretty good bet that all of those items were packaged using some type of automated equipment.

Of course, for us at LPS, the liquid products are the main focus, but some of our products can be used for non-liquid items as well! For instance, believe it or not, all of the turkeys consumed this Thursday were not hand delivered from the farm to the store to the...well, table. Power conveyor systems from LPS can be used to load, cool, accumulate or transfer products along a packaging or packing system. Custom heights, widths and belt materials help LPS to match a system to the packagers unique needs. So whether a food, beverage or other product, conveyors play a large part in allowing that Thanksgiving feast to take place.

Filling and capping machines from LPS can be used to package cooking oils, gravy, jams, jellies, wine, spirits and numerous other products that can put the unique and/or finishing touches on that special dinner. Filling machines can be manufactured to handle free-flowing products like distilled spirits or thicker products like the jams, jellies and gravy. While custom machines are always available, as a general rule, overflow fillers and gravity fillers work well with thin products while pump and piston fillers handle the thicker products.

The type of capping machines used will of course depend on the type of seal on the bottle, jar or other container. The most popular closure is probably still a screw-on type closure, which can be tightened using a spindle capper or a chuck capping machine. However, snap cappers, ROPP cappers, cork and plugging machines and custom capping machinery can also be built to handle unique caps, lids or other closures.

Labeling equipment will also help those Thanksgiving chefs find exactly what they are seeking when preparing the holiday meal. In addition to identifying products, labelers also give packagers the opportunity to show off seasonal and limited run products, which are obviously popular at this time of the year! More common information such as logos, ingredients and nutritional information can also be included on the label to help packager make products stand out from the crowd during the shopping rush.

While maybe not obvious at first glance, packaging machinery helps prepare and bring Thanksgiving treats to the table. At this time of year, we are thankful that so many of the companies producing these products have put their faith in Liquid Packaging Solutions. We appreciate the opportunity to join in the success of our family of customers and love watching them grow and expand. Without their success, there would be none for us.

So to those companies, and everyone else, we say Have a Happy and Safe 2014 Thanksgiving!