The Importance of Post-Manufacturing Services for Packaging Systems

One of the most pressing concerns for packagers when sourcing equipment and planning a packaging system is always when will that equipment be ready to start producing product. Honestly, much of the focus right up until the machinery has been built will be placed solely on the "lead time". But as a packaging machinery manufacturer, LPS knows that what happens after the machines have been built can be just as important as the machines themselves in creating a reliable, consistent and efficient packaging system.


An FAT brings together the customer, the machinery and the manufacturer once the equipment has been built and is ready for testing. Though there are no strict rules for conducting an FAT, the ideal situation includes full testing the equipment with customer product, bottles, caps and other components on the production floor at LPS. This not only allows the customer an early opportunity to run and train on the equipment, but it ensures that no surprises occur once the equipment leaves the production floor for the customer facility. If, for any reason, adjustments or modifications need to be made, they will always be much easier to do at LPS, where the equipment and materials necessary are on hand. FAT's are meant to allow the customer to "sign off" on their equipment and make certain that everyone's expectations are met before the customer starts their packaging process.


Once the FAT is completed, the equipment will be ready to ship to the customer's production facility. But for many packaging systems, simply delivering the equipment to the dock will not be enough! Especially when dealing with complete and automated packaging lines, installation of equipment by LPS Packaging Specialists can save time, frustration and ultimately, monry for the packager. By both ensuring that the equipment set up is correct and explaining to the packager what needs to be done and why, installation itself acts as a type of training.


Once the packaging system is set up on the customer floor, the focus can turn to training on the operation of the machinery, including change over from one bottle to another when necessary. Though all equipment is manufactured to be user-friendly, starting up a new, complete line can be a daunting task. Furthermore, those involved in purchasing the machinery are not always the same people that will be setting up and running the equipment on a daily basis. Training of the operators on the set up, changeover, controls and troubleshooting of the machinery can go a long way toward making a process more efficient.


Even once the equipment is up and running and LPS representatives are gone from the plant, our relationship with the packager will not end. Almost all packaging equipment will include wear parts or contact parts that will need to be replaced over time. LPS stocks a large inventory of these parts, and encourages packagers to keep the most common on their own shelves, to ensure that production will not be halted by an unexpected need to replace components. In addition, technical service for set up, change over and other troubleshooting matters will always be a phone call away. This service is offered for the introduction of new products and bottles, for turnover in those operating the machinery or when the unexpected occurs and no solution seems apparent.

So while LPS will focus on getting your machinery to you in a timely fashion, we do not believe our service to your packaging process should end at that point. Not only do we offer all of the equipment necessary for setting up a packaging system, we also offer all of the services necessary to keep that packaging system running smoothly both now and in the future!

For questions about packaging equipment or any of the services offered by LPS, contact a representative toll free at 1-888-393-3693.