The LPS Experience - Working Across Industries

A common question heard from packagers new to packaging, or new to Liquid Packaging Solutions, is: "Have you ever worked with...?".

In general, packagers want to work with machinery manufacturers that have worked with others with the same or similar products. While packaging machinery will often work across industries, there is still some comfort in knowing that the equipment being built for a project has been tested and used by those in the same industry or with like products. From engineering through to sales, production and service, LPS offers packagers experience across just about every industry imaginable, which translates to efficient, consistent and reliable packaging solutions.

While LPS itself has been around since the mid-2000's, the company began with a gathering of individuals already involved in the packaging industry, and specifically the design and manufacture of machinery. Though much experience has been gained through the hundreds and hundreds of projects taken on by the company, the previous experience that was brought to the company at its inception is what has allowed LPS to flourish across all of the different industries.

In 2019 alone, LPS has or will work with companies that bottle and otherwise package distilled spirits, industrial chemicals - including harsh chemicals, molten products, household products, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, hair care products, body care products including lotions and CBD oils, automotive products and so much more! Some of these projects entail creating a complete packaging line for the product listed above, while others may focus on finding a solution for one packaging function, such as filling a particular product or capping one or more bottles.

Previous experience with all of the above liquids, combined with experience with a multitude of bottles and other containers, caps, labels and other packaging components, allows LPS to predict possible issues ahead of time, design equipment to deal with these issues and ultimately find the best possible solution for the project at hand. This experience benefits new packagers, or old packagers with new products, by allowing LPS to interact among not only those here with a variety of knowledge, but also with the packager to create rinsing machines, filling equipment, bottle cappers and more that will work efficiently and effectively while also meeting the expectations of each individual packager in regards to labor used, production demand and cost!

At LPS, any and all packagers are welcome to contact the company to take advantage of the collection of knowledge accrued by those that make up the LPS team. Call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to discuss projects, ask questions and get answers, compare products or receive quotes without any pressure to purchase!