The Many Different Designs of the Chuck Capping Machine

Chuck capping machines are used to tighten screw on type caps to a wide variety of containers. Along with the spindle capper, the chuck capper is one of the most popular packaging machines to perform the tightening process. While the capping principle remains the same - a chuck or chuck and insert descends over the cap to apply torque - the machine itself can be manufactured in a number of different ways. From simple handheld machines to completely automated capping processes, the chuck capper can work for large and small production facilities.


The handheld chuck capper requires an operator to place the handheld capping device over the cap once the closure is in place on the bottle. Applying pressure to the chuck capper will trigger the torque and the cap will be tightened. While these simple machines can add speed to some processes, the main benefits of the handheld capper are consistency and reliability. The handheld cappers remove the fatigue factor that comes with hand tightening closures while also ensuring that such fatigue does not lead to loose or cross threaded caps at the end of the production day. These machines will often be used with tabletop fillers to create filling and capping stations with an extremely small footprint.


Semi-automatic chuck cappers will also require some assistance from an operator for each bottle and cap combination. These machines can be designed as tabletop machines or with a portable frame, depending on need. In addition, some semi-automatic cappers will require the placement of the bottle and cap followed by activation of the capping with a foot switch or finger switch. Alternatively, some will simply allow the cap and bottle combination to be placed in a nest, using sensors to trigger the descent of the chuck head and the tightening of the closure. The semi-automatic machines again offer an increase in speed, but benefit the process the most with consistency and reliability. Semi-automatic machines can be used to create a capping station where product can be accumulated and sealed with ease.


Automatic chuck capping machines are typically used as a part of a completely automated packaging system. With one or multiple heads, the machine will use a cap delivery system and a starwheel indexing system to quickly seal bottles and other containers. The operator of the automatic capper (which is often the operator of the entire packaging line) will simply need to replenish bulk caps from time to time while monitoring the machine or the line. The starwheel is used to position the bottle and screw on cap under the capping head or heads, which then descend automatically to apply torque. Speed, consistency and reliability are all benefits of the automatic chuck capper, and these machines are often ideal for smaller containers such as vials or tubes where a starwheel will offer extra stability to the containers.

Whether producing a few hundred finished products or thousands every day, chuck capping machines can help make the sealing process more efficient and reliable, depending on the cap and bottle combination. To learn more about chuck cappers and the other capping equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, browse the Capping and Sealing section of the website or contact our offices today.