The Non-Speed Benefits of Packaging Machinery Automation

The deciding factor in automating a packaging process often comes down to speed. When demand simply makes it next to impossible to fill, cap, label and otherwise prepare products for consumers in a timely manner, packagers turn to automated equipment to get the job done. However, packaging machinery offers more benefits than just additional speed, and these additional benefits are often overlooked.


Packaging machinery with any level of automation adds an aspect of reliability to the packaging process. Machinery will be ready to run every day, and many machines can run continuously across multiple shifts. Not only does automation increase output, but the machinery is ready to work each and every day, until the job is done.


A part of reliable packaging is consistent packaging. Filling machines will get each container to the correct level, volume, weight or other goal with each time bottles move through the machine. Capping machinery will consistently tighten or otherwise seal bottles. With each cycle of any packaging machine, packagers can bank on the fact that the fill, cap, label or other function will repeat to keep products consistent across the process.

Efficiency and Ability to Plan

With just about any packaging machine, a eliable output in bottles per minute can be ascertained. Knowing how much product will be created on each day allows schedules to be set not just for packaging, but for business tasks in general. This allows production to plan packaging runs for one or multiple products, as well as schedule the other tasks around the packaging, to create an overall efficient business plan.


As noted above, most packaging machines are not created for one product or package. Semi-automatic and automatic machinery can handle a variety of products, bottles and other packaging components. The versatility of the machinery can allow not only for quick packaging of current bottles and products, but the ability to expand on both of these items as well. While there are limits, most packaging machinery will allow a packaging to prepare a range of products and bottles for the shelf.

Packaging Partners

Finally, for packagers that put Liquid Packaging Solutions equipment on their production floor, LPS offers a range of services that allow that company to not just produce equipment, but to work as a packaging partner as well. Whether assistance is needed for a technical issue or wear parts need to be replaced to keep a machine running effectively and efficiently, LPS has the tools necessary to ensure the success of every packager that puts their trust in the fillers, cappers and other equipment manufactured by LPS.

While speed is undoubtedly a key benefit of automating a packaging line, LPS hopes that packagers will see each and every additional benefit listed above. To learn more about LPS or any of the packaging equipment offered by the company, browse the equipment categories found to the left of this page, or give LPS a call today!