The Various Designs of a Turnkey Packaging System

On the company website, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a few examples of what a turnkey packaging system might look like for different industries. In addition, browsing the turnkey section will show visitors some of the typical packaging machines found on turnkey systems for a given product or industry. However, the term "turnkey" will actually be defined by each packager that builds a system for their project!

A simple definition of turnkey, as used by Liquid Packaging Solutions, is complete. Liquid Packaging Solutions offers complete packaging systems to those looking to automate their production. However, the definition of complete will change from packager to packager. Some may view a complete packaging system as one that fills, caps and labels bottles. Others may want to include loading, rinsing, coding and even packing multiple bottles in the definition of complete. So while those examples are offered on the LPS website, a turnkey packaging system is really anything the packager wants it to be!

Let's look at a couple more systems in more detail. First, consider a packager that sells products on a regional level. This company has a rather low production output and will rely on labor to finish some of the packing and preparing for delivery to the customers or retailers. The packager may also have a limited amount of space in which to prepare the products as well. A turnkey packaging system for this packager may include nothing more than a tabletop filling machine, handheld chuck capper and a simple tabletop labeler. The complete packaging system will use semi-automatic equipment to fill, cap and label products.

On the other side of the equation, a packager may need to prepare thousands of bottles of product every day. This packager wants to automate everything from the loading of bottles to the palletizing of cases. Automatic, inline packaging machinery from a bottle unloader to a palletizer, including filling, capping, labeling, coding and more in between, would constitute a turnkey packaging system for such a company with high production demand.

The point being, in either case, or any case in between the two examples discussed above, LPS can help a packager find a turnkey solution, from a few bottles a minute to thousands of bottles a day, the solution exists. LPS works with packagers to define turnkey for any given project before designing the ideal solution to make that turnkey system a reality. To learn more about the packaging equipment offered by LPS, browse the website or contact a Packaging Specialist today.