The Versatility of Tabletop Piston Filling Machines

Piston filling machines are often a topic of conversation when packagers are preparing thick or viscous products, or products that contain large particulates. These filling machines can be used by packagers large and small, as they are available in automatic and semi-automatic versions. Tabletop piston fillers can be manufactured to fill one or two containers at a time, and these machines can be useful for more than just thick products.

Tabletop piston fillers, like any piston filler, are a good solution for thick products or products with particulates. Different cylinders can be used to reach different fill ranges, from small bottles to larger containers. As the piston pulls back from the cylinder, product is released into the cylinder. The piston then pushes that product from the cylinder to the waiting container or containers. As the cylinder provides a large open space for product, the machine can handle larger particulates than other types of liquid fillers.

In addition, the volume of the cylinder never changes, which means the tabletop piston filler can provide a highly accurate volumetric fill. This is true of either thick or thin products. Being able to handle a range of viscosities makes the piston filler an ideal solution for many packagers that run a variety of products with different viscosities. Having one tabletop machine that can run both thick and thin products can provide an economic benefit versus purchasing different fillers for different products. In addition, the tabletop piston filler, as the name suggests, saves production space by allowing the filling process to take place on just about any tabletop.

Finally, the high volumetric accuracy combined with a smaller piston and a wide selection of nozzles can offer a solution for packagers that are filling small amounts of product or using small bottles. Different nozzles can be used to fill smaller amounts more accurately than some other machines for certain products. CBD oils, eye drops, tinctures, nail polish and more can be prepared for the shelf using a tabletop piston filling machine with high accuracy.

Of course, tabletop machinery typically semi-automatic in nature, meaning operators will be necessary to assist with each fill cycle. The bottles filled per minute, hour or day will depend in part on the performance of the operator. Automatic piston fillers or full frame semi-automatic models may be necessary when production demand reaches a certain point.

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