Three Basic Packaging Systems for Distilled Spirits

With the distilled spirit industry on the rise, there are understandably a number of new and local establishments starting up each month in the United States. However, as the industry has grown, more and more distillers are expanding beyond a local market. And of course, there are a number in the industry that have become popular on a large scale. Each type of distiller can benefit from packaging machinery, though the systems may look different for as the business grows.

For start up companies in the distilled spirits industry, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a tabletop packaging system that will allow companies to add efficiency to their filling, capping and labeling processes. The tabletop machines require operator assistance in performing whichever packaging task they are builtl for, but in addtion to taking up limited space, these machines allow for consistent and reliable filling, capping and labeling. Other machines can also be added, including semi-automatic rinsing equipment, coding equipment and more. Tabletop systems are ideal for distillers just starting out or with lower production demands.

A second level of packaging equipment for distillers also works in a semi-automatic fashion, requiring assistance from operators to perform the required task. However, these machines are manufactured on full frames, allowing more flexibility in many of the machines. For example, many tabletop filling machines will max out at six fill heads, while full frame bottle fillers can handle up to sixteen fill heads on a single machine, increasing the overall output for the machine in a given production period. Finally, building the semi-automatic equipment on full frames allows for the ability to upgrade to automatic production if later sales require such modification.

Lastly, fully automatic packaging systems are available to distillers as well. Operators for these systems simply set the machinery up and then monitor as production runs. Power conveyors are used to move bottles and containers from one machine to the next. Automatic equipment also makes set up and changeover as simple as possible by using recipe screens, power adjustments and simple fingertip knob adjustments whereever possible.

While these three systems show different levels of automation and production, there are many variations of each and a large number of options that allow LPS to hand tailor each system to the individual needs of the distiller. To learn more about any of the packaging systems, or any of the individual machines that make up the systems, contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.