Top Reasons To Try LPS Packaging Equipment

For those that have been to our website, browsed our items or even talked to a Packaging Specialist at LPS, but who have never actually used our machinery, here are a few reasons, in no particular order, to try LPS equipment. And of course, if you just need to see, hear or know more, we welcome phone calls, emails and even plant visits to see some of our equipment in action!

1. Affordable and Efficient

From manual and tabletop machinery to completely automated turnkey packaging solutions, LPS has a system for any packager and any budget! Semi-automatic equipment and tabletop machinery works well for those just starting in the packaging industry, or for those with special run projects. These affordable machines have a small footprint and easy operation while also typically increasing product output. At the same time, semi-automatic machines can add consistency that may not be achievable when filling, capping or labeling by hand. Automatic equipment and turnkey systems can dramatically increase production rates by offering non-stop rinsing, filling, capping and other processes. Whether looking for a complete line or a single automatic machine, standard equipment or custom machinery, LPS will work with each individual packager to find a solution that is cost and process efficient.

2. Turnkey Solutions

As noted above, LPS offers complete turnkey solutions for any packaging process. While our company manufactures turntables, conveyors, filling machines, capping machines and much more, we also work with other equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer complete solutions to our customers. In short, a packager need not deal with two, three or more machine manufacturers to put their unique packaging system together. Instead, the Packaging Specialists at LPS take on that task for the packager, offering integration of equipment and a complete solution in one location.

3. Upgradeable Machinery

From semi-automatic to the turnkey solutions mentioned above, LPS always tries to manufacture equipment that can grow with the company doing the packaging. Almost all LPS equipment will be upgradeable in some manner to allow for increased output as production demand grows. This can be as simple as adding extra nozzles to a filling machine or as involved as attaching touchscreen controls and indexing systems to semi-automatic machines to allow them to run automatically. Though not possible in all situations, allowing the flexibility to upgrade machinery means a longer useful life for equipment and cost savings for the packager as they grow!

4. Equipment Services

At LPS, we do more than just manufacture packaging machinery. As noted above, we also integrate machinery to find complete turnkey solutions for packaging companies. But even before we build the equipment, LPS offers consulting and design services, including the design of custom equipment. Once the machinery is built, LPS offers both training and installation for single machines and complete packaging lines. Once the equipment is up and running, Packaging Specialists are only a phone call away, and are also available for on site service should it become necessary. Finally, LPS keeps a wide array of spare parts in stock at the LaPorte, Indiana plant that allows packagers to quickly replace wear parts as needed.

5. LPS Employees

LPS employees, from our production floor to our office crew, work together to not only provide the best packaging solution available to each and every packager, but to ensure that that solution continues to work for the individual packager. With decades of packaging experience, our employees can benefit any company searching for the best options for a project. But even more important, LPS employees understand that our success as a manufacturer depends on the success of each packager we serve. For this reason, the Packaging Specialists are always available to any business packaging a product.

To learn more about the company, simply browse our website, including the About Us - Company History Section, or give us a call Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693.