Training and Maintenance Extends Life and Efficiency of Machinery

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, simple operation is one of many goals when manufacturing packaging machinery. However, understanding an automatic line and the best use and operation of that line can often take training, especially for new users of packaging equipment. Proper usage of packaging equipment will help to extend the life and efficiency of the machinery.

To assist packagers with start-up and learning the operation of the equipment, LPS always offers training both during an FAT at the LPS plant and along with installation at the time of delivery. LPS technicians can be on-site at the delivery of the equipment to ensure proper set-up and spend time with those employees that will be operating the equipment on a day-to-day basis. While not always necessary with every piece of equipment, LPS encourages those with automatic lines or machinery to include training to ensure the proper usage and to assist with understanding wear parts and maintenance.

While proper installation and usage of the machinery helps keep equipment running efficiently, proper maintenance once the equipment is in place and running production will also help extend the useful life and efficiency of the machinery. PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technology, suggests making preventative maintenance a weekly routine making sure to keep those maintenance procedures in place for the life of the equipment, along with other tips for training and maintenance. At LPS, part of the training will include preventative maintenance and identifying wear parts and the usually simple tasks of replacing those parts. In addition, detailed manuals will help refresh operators on the proper usage and maintenance of equipment. In rare cases, LPS can also revisit the packager's facility to re-train when turnover or other occurrences warrant the same.

Though the operation, maintenance required, and the wear parts will all differ from project to project, understanding the operation and maintenance procedures for your machine will benefit both the business and the equipment over time. Well-maintained and properly used packaging equipment will stay with a business through years of operators, production changes, new products and more. LPS acts as a business partner and even after installation and training will always be available to answer questions and assist with issues!

For more PMMI tips, read the article Seven Best Practices For Training and Maintenance on the PMMI ProSource website.