Troubleshooting Automatic Packaging Machinery

While issues with automatic packaging machinery are, and should be, few and far between, they do still occasionally arise. A new product, bottle, cap or other component may cause issues when setting up or dialing in equipment. New employees may not have a complete understanding of the rinser, filler, capper or other machines. Even a move to the equipment may result in a glitch in performance. Luckily, issues on automatic packaging machinery are almost always a simple fix.

Nearly all automatic packaging machinery will come equipped with an Emergency Stop. The Emergency Stop button will immediately cease production activities to minimize issues like product spills or bottle or cap jams. Once the machinery is stopped, many automatic machines include a touchscreen operator interface. This interface will consist of several different screens that will assist in troubleshooting different issues. The Alarm Screen on the interface will help to identify any issues and point the operator in the right direction.

Different screens on the operator interface can also assist in maintenance once the problem is identified. Manual toggle screens allow the operator to dive heads, release indexing pins, move rinse heads and more, depending on the type of machine in use. Other screens allow quick and easy adjustments to indexing times, fill times and more should incorrect settings be the cause of the issue. Capping machinery can differ slightly in that not all cappers will include an operator interface. However, a control panel, like that found on the popular spindle capping machine, will allow for easy movement of capper components such as spindles, gripper belts, chutes and more.

Mechanical adjustments on any machine, when necessary, can usually be completed in a tool-free manner, without disassembly of components. However, almost all packaging equipment includes wear parts, or those parts that come in contact with product, containers, caps or other components. From time to time, these components will need to be replaced for the machinery to run efficiently.

While training, installation and machinery operation manuals can often assist in identifying and correcting issues with packaging machinery, Liquid Packaging Solutions always encourages packagers to call for assistance when issues do arise. The experience of LPS technicians can help to quickly identify and resolve problems and minimize production downtime. For assistance on any LPS equipment, simply call the service department at 1-219-393-3600.