Turnkey Packaging Solutions for Almost Any Liquid

When we talk about turnkey packaging solutions, we can talk in very general terms. For example, a turnkey solution will include usually include machinery for loading, transferring, rinsing, filling, capping, labeling, coding and packing bottles, though each system will include project specific components. However, when you consider the many different liquids that are available to consumers, from beverages to soaps, chemicals, oils and more, it is not hard to imagine that there exists a whole lot of variation even within the components mentioned above.

As an example, a company packaging a water-like beverage may employ an overflow filling machine to get liquid into the bottles. Given that many beverages also use screw on type closures, a spindle capper may also be the right choice, though a chuck capper will work as well. Compare this with a company that is packaging a thick gel type product. Though the gel company will still use a filler and a capper, the overflow filler and spindle capper may not be the best choices. The thicker product may require a pump or piston filling machine to move product into the containers. In addition, though different cap types are seen in the same industry, the gels may use a snap on type closure, requiring a snap capping machine. So the packaging equipment for any turnkey system will depend not only on the product, but also on the package components as well.

As another example, beverages will often be packaged in some type of round container, similar to the typical water bottle. A company labeling these bottles will most likely use a wrap type label, that is, a single label that wraps around the body of the container. Now imagine a container of motor oil, which is closer to rectangular or square than round. Trying to wrap a label around a container of this shape would result in inconsistent placement and wrinkled labels. Instead, the labeler would likely place labels on the front and back of the container, or be manufactured to wrap a three panel label around the bottle.

On the packing end of a turnkey system, some products will simply be placed individually into a box for shipping while others may be bundled into groups of six, twelve or more. The first system may simply employ a power conveyor system with pack tables to allow manual laborers to prepare the product for shipping. The second, on the other hand, may include automatic bundling equipment to create the packs of product.

Therefore, a turnkey packaging system is a system that brings together all of the necessary pieces to completely prepare a given product for the consumer. Each turnkey system will be defined by what each individual packager hopes to achieve with their product. So which variety of rinsing machine, filling machine, capping machine or other component is right for you? Well, that's why we're here! Tell us a little about yourself and we can help you figure that out. To speak with a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions, give us a call toll free at 1-888-393-3693.