Typical Packaging Machines?

Typical Packaging Machines?

As a packaging machine manufacturer, we receive numerous inquiries about the price of filling machines, capping machines, rinsers, conveyors and more.  Often times, when someone at Liquid Packaging Solutions requests additional information such as product type, bottle size or production demands, a response is received just asking for the price of a "typical" or "standard" machine.  However, the senders of such inquiries should be wary of any manufacturer that will offer a price without this additional information.

Typical, or standard, packaging equipment is actually somewhat hard to define, if not a complete misnomer.  Almost all packaging machinery will be custom packaging machinery if manufactured correctly.  To better illustrate this point, let's take a quick look at the overflow filling machine.  The overflow filler is one type of liquid filler that is generally used for thin, free-flowing liquids.  However, an overflow filling machine built for bottled water may not be the same overflow filler built for liquid soap or for a salad dressing with particulates.  A liquid soap that is a little thicker may require a stronger pump.  The salad dressing with particulates may need a special tank to keep the particulates from settling.  There are many different options that can be added or subtracted depending on the product being packaged.

Second, the bottle size and shape can effect the manner in which the overflow filler is manufactured.  Smaller bottles will not use the same fill nozzles as extremely large bottles, and the spacing, indexing and bottle support may need to be adjusted for extremes of both heights.  As such, the ideal filling machine for any packaging project must also take into account the bottle or bottles being used. 

As a third example, production demands can have a great effect on the overflow filler.  Lower production facilities can get by on fewer fill heads, or possible even a semi-automatic or tabletop filling machine.  Extremely high production facilities will need the added efficiency of an automatic overflow filler and may even require a full sixteen fill heads to meet the demands for thier product.  

As each of these above items is taken into account, the price of manufacturing the overflow filler, or almost any other type of packaging machine, will fluctuate.  Even conveyor systems must take into account the bottle size, weight and speed necessary for each and every product.  The more information that can be gathered by the manufacturer before the actual quoting process, the less likely that either the builder of the machines or the end user will be surprised at any time throughout the manufacturing process.  Taking the time to inform the manufacturer of a few key pieces of information regarding your project can also save money by ensuring unnecessary features and options are not included on the machine.

Purchasing packaging machinery should be the beginning of a relationship between your builder and your company.  We strive to build and maintain such relationships by ensuring that none of our customers receive "typical" or "standard" packaging machines, but rather the ideal packaging machinery for their own specific project.  For more information on packaging machinery, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions today.