Wear Parts and Liquid Packaging Machines

Many different liquid packaging machines will include components that are termed "wear" parts. In general terms, these are the parts of the equipment that are coming in contact with some component of the package or with another part during the packaging process. This contact separates wear parts from other parts of the equipment, it also leads to wear parts being replaced more than other, non-contact components of the equipment. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we always suggest keeping spare parts on hand to avoid unexpected and lengthy downtimes, most of which will be the wear parts of any given machine. Below are a few examples of wear parts on different packaging equipment and the reasoning behind keeping spares on hand.


Bottle fillers are typically the single piece of packaging equipment to come in to contact with the product. The nozzles on filling machines will almost always include some type of O-ring, seal or similar part that may wear over time, especially when dealing with corrosive or otherwise harsh products. Though such components will be matched to the product or products in use, rings and seals are one wear component that will likely be replaced at some point during the machine life. In addition, tubing will be used to move product from the bulk container to those being filled on the packaging system. Again, harsh products may cause more damage, or product build up over time may lead to replacement, but tubing is once again a wear part that will likely be replaced at one time or another.


Different types of bottle cappers will include different wear parts. Chuck capping machines may use rubber inserts to apply torque to caps. Such contact, grip and torque will cause these inserts to wear over time, meaning that a few extras on the shelf will keep the packager prepared. Similarly, spindle capping machines use gripper belts to keep bottles stable while also using spindle disks to spin down caps. The movement of the bottles and caps against these wear parts will take a toll after much use, again leading to replacement. Keeping these parts on hand can save a day or two in shipping when the time to make the replacement comes unexpectedly.


More than any other piece of equipment, power conveyors are in contact with the product, or at least the product container, throughout the packaging process. Depending on what is being conveyed, belting can become scratched, worn down, loose and even just plain dirty. It is extremely important to keep an eye out for debris build up on the conveyor system, as such build up can cause friction which can quickly wear away at different belting types. In addition, sprockets, wear strip and other components of a conveyor system can become worn over time, due to heavy weights, incorrect tracking or just simply the passage of enough time. Keeping some belting and other components on hand can keep the entire system from being shut down due to the lack of a transfer system.

Other packaging machinery will also include wear parts, from rinsing machines to labeling equipment and more. The wear parts on each machine will depend on the design of the machine as well as the function. If you are not sure what parts are best kept on hand for your equipment, or if the time has come to re-stock your supply of wear and spare parts, contact Tonya in our Parts Department at 888-393-3693 x 310 or by email at