What is a Complete Packaging Solution?

Across our website you will see the phrase "complete packaging solution", and each of our machines may be a part of a complete packaging solution. But what exactly does this mean? The truth is, a complete packaging solution can take on many different forms depending on exactly what the packager hopes to achieve with his or her project.

Generally speaking, a complete packaging system is a system that achieves all the goals of the packager. For some, this may be a fully automated system that performs a number of different packaging functions. For example, a packager may use a bottle unscrambler to load empty containers onto a power conveyor. This power conveyor may then run bottles through a rinsing machine, bottle filler, capping machine, labeler, coder and case packer before palletizing and stretch wrapping cases at the end. This fully automated system would require a line operator to dump bottles into the unscrambler, replace bulk product, add caps to the bottle capper when necessary and generally replace components and monitor performance of the line. The machinery itself, however, would complete the actual packaging of the individual products.

Of course, not every packager needs or desires this type of automation. For a packaging with a smaller production demand, a complete packaging solution may include the use of manual labor and semi-automatic packaging machinery or even a combination of semi-automatic and automatic equipment. Some packagers may use turntables to both load and accumulate empty bottles and finished product, respectively. So one or more workers may load and pack bottles at the beginning and at the end of the packaging line. However, once bottles are placed on the loading turntable, the power conveyor can once again carry bottles from one machine to the next to allow for automatic rinsing, filling, capping, labeling and more. Finished products accumulate at the end of the line and allow packing and shipping preparation by the same or other workers.

Even very small packagers may use tabletop filling machines, capping machines, labelers or a combination of all three to achieve a solution that works for low production demands. Here, again, manual labor would be increased, but the complete packaging solution stems from adding the machinery to their project that allows for efficient completion of the packaging process. From the simplest tabletop machines to complex multi-machine automatic systems, Liquid Packaging Solutions works with packagers to find the complete packaging solution that will work best for their needs and their product. So in essence, a complete packaging solution is whatever you, the packager, needs to complete your unique packaging project.  

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