What is a Nitrogen Purge System and How Can it Help Me?

A nitrogen purge system, which may also be known as nitrogen flushing, is a technique used in packaging that involves replacing the oxygen in a package with nitrogen gas prior to sealing the package. The process effectively removes oxygen, moisture, and other contaminants to create an inert environment within the bottle or other container. By inserting an inert gas - nitrogen - the packager of a product helps to prevent oxidation and spoilage, benefiting the product in the following ways.

When oxygen encounters certain products, such as foods, beverages, or other consumables, these products can break down over time. Using a nitrogen purge system to displace oxygen in a container or container headspace can extend the shelf life of these products by preventing, or at least slowing, the process of oxidation.

Similarly, replacing oxygen with nitrogen can prevent unwanted and microscopic growth on certain products. With oxidation comes the growth of bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms. Preventing these contaminants can decrease the risk of foodborne sicknesses, enhancing the safety of certain products for consumers. Effectively replacing oxygen with nitrogen using the purging system will extend shelf life and enhance the safety of the products being packaged.

Not only can oxidation shorten the shelf life of certain products by completely breaking those products down, it can also result in product color and texture changes, unwanted aromas, and even a shift in the flavor of a product. By replacing the oxygen in containers with nitrogen a packager protects the integrity of the product - the taste, texture, and flavor - as well.

Finally, many products found on the shelf today will include preservatives and additives aimed at extending the shelf life of certain products. These extra ingredients can have a negative affect for some consumers, leading them to seek out natural alternatives. Adding a nitrogen purge system to the packaging process can reduce the need for the preservatives and additives by creating a natural defense against spoilage or deterioration.

As nitrogen gas is non-toxic, non-reactive, and readily available, this simple system can benefit a wide range of packagers. Typically deployed between the filling and capping processes in a packaging line, the system can be integrated with nearly any current packaging line. For question or a quote, use the contact forms found on the website or call Liquid Packaging Solutions today to speak with a Packaging Professional.