What is an Overflow Filler?

An overflow filling machine is a unique piece of packaging equipment that fills every bottle to the same level, regardless of the interior volume of the individual containers. Rather than filling by volume or weight, the overflow filler uses a nozzle that, once liquid reaches a certain level in the container, overflows product back into a holding tank. By creating a seal over the bottle and allowing product to recirculate, the overflow filler creates a unique fill to level system.

The unique nozzle of the overflow filling machine can be used to create both semi-automatic and automatic bottle fillers, with the principle being the same for either level of automation. As nozzles dive down in to the bottles, a nozzle seal covers the bottle opening to prevent leaks or spills, sealing the container for the duration of the fill. Spacers are used on the nozzle itself to achieve the desired level for the fill in the bottle. These spacers are made to be easily adjustable on each nozzle to allow for adjustments to the fill levels. Along with easily adjustable height and nozzle width, one overflow filler can typically handle a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes.

The obvious advantage of the fill-to-level system is a machine that allows products packaged in clear containers to have a consistent appearance when on the shelf. Items such as bottled water, distilled spirits, window cleaners and more, benefit in appearance and build consumer trust when each container appears filled to the same level with the same amount of product. In addition, the overflow filler is a great way to consistently and reliably fill products that foam. As products - think soap - foam in the bottle during the fill, the overflow basically allows liquid to continue to flow into, and overflow out of, the bottle until the foam is eliminated.

Semi-automatic overflow fillers will require an operator to position bottles and activate the actual fill, while automatic filling machines will use indexing and a PLC to allow for continuous bottle filling absent operator intervention with each cycle. The overflow machine can also be built as a space saving tabletop machine for packagers with low or limited production of liquids filled to a level. These machines can range in speed from a few bottles per minute to a hundred or more bottles per minute. For more detailed information on the filling machine, including Standard Features and Options, photos and video, simply visit the Overflow Filler Page.