What is Custom Packaging Machinery?

Custom packaging machinery can best be described as equipment that is manufactured for a specific project or product. From power conveyor systems to rinsing, filling and capping machines to the equipment used to pack and prepare products for shipment, custom machines will only be manufactured after analyzing the product, container, closure and other components of a project so that the equipment meets the specific needs of that project.

In the truest sense of the phrase, custom packaging machinery will be designed from scratch based on the components mentioned above. From engineering to production to testing and installation, the idea of the equipment may be fresh and new at every step. These situations, though they do exist, are not typical. When they do arise, they will usually stem from an unusual or new product, a unique bottle or container or some similar circumstance. In a sense, though, given the explanation of the term custom packaging machinery above, every piece of equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions is a custom machine.

At LPS, no machine will be picked off the shelf and sent to a customer. Though certain machines - overflow fillers, sanitary-style power conveyors, chuck capping machines and others - are consistently manufactured by LPS, each machine will be hand-tailored to meet the needs of the packager for which the equipment will go to work. For example, even when building an overflow filler, there will be modifications based on the specific packager's needs. The nozzle size for the overflow filler will vary based on the containers that will be filled. The number of fill heads on the machine will change depending on the demand for the product. Neck grabbers may be added to an overflow filling machine if one or more of the bottles to be filled need extra stability during the fill.

The same is true of any machine manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions. Though a standard drawing may exist at the engineering level for a machine, that standard will be modified to ensure the packager using the equipment gets maximum efficiency and reliability from the machine. This is why at LPS every machine manufactured is considered custom packaging machinery, and why even after building and delivering the equipment, LPS considers each of our packagers an ongoing business partner. At LPS, we know that the success of our company depends not only on our equipment, but also on the ongoing success of everyone using our equipment.

To learn more about all of the custom packaging machinery built by Liquid Packaging Solutions, browse the LPS website or call to discuss a specific packaging project.