Winter Weather and Liquid Packaging Solutions!

Liquid Packaging Solutions came back from the holiday season a few hours later than usual this year, due to some bitterly cold weather and the ever wonderful Lake Effect snow! Though we are currently back in the office and hard at work for the time being, the weather forecast for the first week of January has everyone here at the plant dreaming of tropical islands, or at the very least a few more digits added to the temperature and a few taken off of the snowfall totals!

While it takes extreme weather for LPS to close down the offices and the plant during regular business hours, our proximity to Lake Michigan does leave us susceptible to such weather from time to time, including heavy snowfalls and dangerous wind chills! At the same time, we understand that those using our equipment rely on not only our equipment, but also our expertise, ongoing technical support and our fully stocked parts department.

For these and obvious other reasons, we try our best to open our doors on the worst winter days as well, even if it is a little later than expected or for a shorter period of time. When inclement weather does hit, our Toll Free Phone number will still allow customers to leave a message that will allow us to reach out as soon as we hit the office. Additionally, most departments or individuals at LPS have their own specific email addresses, which can be checked from off-site on occasion to ensure no emergency situations arise! More than anything, we want to ensure our customers that their needs will be taken care of as soon as possible by LPS staff and that your calls will not go unheard as we thaw out here in the Heartland!

There are currently no plans to close early or start late, but as we were reminded on the first day of work in 2018, those plans can change quickly!

TOLL FREE PHONE: 1-888-393-3693