Automatic Rinsing Machine - Exterior Wet Rinser

The Automatic Wet Rinser for the exterior surface of bottles allows for inline continous cleaning of the outside of containers as they move down the conveyor belt.  Customer can use water or other rinse media to remove dust, dirt, product debris and other contaminants from the outside area of containers.  A PLC with touchscreen interface allows for easy control of pump speed and pressure for rinsing and quick changeover times for multiple bottles.

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Automatic Rinsing Machine - Exterior Rinse
  • Heavy duty portable stainless steel frame
  • PLC with touchscreen interface
  • Resupply system for rinse media
  • Continuous inline rinsing
  • Container Available sensor
  • Overall electronic production counter
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom rinse area length
  • Side, top, bottom or combination rinse
  • Hazardous location/environment construction - Class I, Division II, Groups C & D
Automatic Bottle Rinser - Exterior