Semi-Automatic Bottle Corker - Full Frame

Hand load a chute with corks, T-corks or other similar closures and let the Semi-Automatic Bottle Corker seal containers of all shapes and sizes.  Manufactured on a full frame, the semi-automatic corking machine from LPS uses a tamper to consistently and reliably press corks into place for distilled spirits, olive oils and other industries that use cork closures to seal their containers.  The design of this machine also allows the equipment to grow with packagers by upgrading to automatic production as demand for products increases.

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Semi-Automatic Full Frame Bottle Corker for Distilled Spirits
  • Portable C-Frame stainless steel construction
  • Easy Power Height Adjustment
  • Cork chute for easy operator loading
  • Upgradeable
  • Made in the USA
  • Tabletop and Automatic Models Available
  • Various Indexing Systems Including Pin or Gate and Starwheel
  • Spare Parts Kit
Compilation of Semi-Automatic and Automatic Bottle Corkers