Semi-Automatic Bottle Corker - Full Frame

The Semi-Automatic Bottle Corker from Liquid Packaging Solutions is an ideal sealing machine for low to medium production facilities that requires an operator to hand load a chute with corks, T-corks or other similar closures during production.  This semi-automatic corker allows for consistent and continuous sealing of a variety of bottle sizes and types, though it is most commonly used in the wine and distilled spirits industry.  The full frame design allows for a future upgrade to a fully automatic corking machine, leaving room for this piece of equipment to grow with a company!

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Semi-Automatic Full Frame Bottle Corker for Distilled Spirits
  • Portable C-Frame stainless steel construction
  • Easy Power Height Adjustment
  • Cork chute for easy operator loading
  • Upgradeable
  • Made in the USA
  • Tabletop and Automatic Models Available
  • Various Indexing Systems Including Pin or Gate and Starwheel
  • Spare Parts Kit
Compilation of Semi-Automatic and Automatic Bottle Corkers