Tabletop Bottle Corking Machine

The Tabletop Bottle Corker from Liquid Packaging Solutions allows packagers to create a space saving capping station for corks, T-corks and other similar closures.  The tabletop corker allows an operator to place multiple corks into a chute.  The operator will then slide bottles in to a positioning nest which will activate the corking process.  Tabletop bottle corkers work well with low to medium production facilities and can be combined with tabletop filling machines to create a compact and efficient fill and cap packaging system.

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Tabletop Bottle Corker
  • Easy Operation - Load corks, place bottle in positioning nest
  • Adjustable tabletop frame
  • Cork Chute
  • Bottle in Place Corker Activation
  • Made in the USA
  • Full Frame Semi-Automatic Machine
  • Automatic Bottle Corking Machine
  • Spare Parts Kit
Compilation of Bottle Corking Machines - Automatic and Semi-Automatic