Automatic Capping Machine - Chuck Capper


The Automatic Chuck Capping machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions offers an ideal solution for packaging projects using screw-on type closures, also known as continuous thread caps.  Utilizing a starwheel, this automatic capper utilizes one or multiple chuck heads to descend on the bottle and cap  as they move in to position under heads on the starwheel.  The chuck heads apply torque to the bottle and cap combination to create a consistent and reliable seal before moving capped containers along the starwheel to a release point.  

Automatic chuck cappers will use an automatic cap delivery system, such as a sorting bowl, and a chute to provide closures to the bottles just prior to the chuck heads, removing the need for an operator to place caps on each bottle.

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Automatic Chuck Capping Machine - Multiple Heads and Starwheel Indexing
  • PLC controls
  • Starwheel indexing
  • Cap sorting bowl
  • Cap chute
  • One or multiple capping heads
  • Made in the USA
  • Multiple Capping Heads
  • Various Chuck Sizes
Automatic Capping Machine - Chuck Capper