Handheld Chuck Capper - Pneumatic


The Handheld Chuck Capper from Liquid Packaging Solutions provides an economical solution for capping while still offering consistent and reliable seals on a variety of bottles that use screw-on type, or continuous thread, caps.  The operator of the handheld capping machine simply places the cap on the bottle, covers the cap with the chuck and tightens to the desired torque.  In addition to small to medium production packaging facilities, the handheld capper can be a great solution for short run products or seasonal specials.

Electric Handheld Chuck Cappers are also available.

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Chuck Capper - Handheld - From Liquid Packaging Solutions
  • Easy operation
  • Air driven with adjustable air pressure regulator
  • Brushed aluminum chuck
  • Chuck inserts
  • Made in the USA
  • Portable frame with retractable take up wheel
  • Uniframe Mounting
  • Different chuck size
  • Different chuck inserts
  • Electric Based Chuck Capper