Tabletop Capping Machine - Chuck Capper


This simple to use capping machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions improves consistency in the packaging process by removing the need to hand tighten each continuous thread cap.  Operators place the closure on the bottle and slide the combination under the capping head, allowing the Tabletop Chuck Capper to repeatedly tighten screw-on type closures.  The chuck head descends over the cap to apply torque with each bottle run, avoiding inconsistent sealing, loose caps or repetitive motion injuries from hand capping bottles.  The space-saving tabletop chuck capper provides an ideal solution for smaller production runs using flat caps, sports caps, and other varieties of threaded closures.

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Tabletop Chuck Capping Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions
  • Easy operation
  • Adjustable tabletop frame
  • Air driven with adjustable air pressure regulator
  • Pneumatically activated diving head
  • Brushed aluminum chuck
  • Chuck inserts
  • Made in the USA
  • Portable Frame
  • Uniframe Mounting
  • Different Chuck Size
  • Different Chuck Inserts
Tabletop Chuck Capper