Automatic Capping Machine - ROPP Capper


The Automatic ROPP Capper is built to thread aluminum roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) caps onto containers.  ROPP cappers are most commonly seen in the wine and distilled spirits industries, but the capper is ideal for any product that requires evidence that the container has been sealed and no tampering has occured.  A capping head for plastic caps is also available for the ROPP Capper.  Automatic ROPP capping machines can roll up to a power conveyor and use one or more heads to seal bottles as part of a full packaging system, or they can be used as a stand alone capping station. 

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Automatic ROPP capping machine with multiple heads
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Indexing System for Bottle Locating
  • 4-Roll Capping Head for ROPP Closures
  • No Cap, No Roll Head
  • No bottle, No Cap vision system
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Simple Height Adjustment
  • E-Stop Button
  • Cap Sorter and Chute for Cap Delivery
  • Capping Heads for Screw-On or Twist-Off closures
  • Custom capping head
  • Multiple capping heads
  • Electric Configurations to meet power needs
Automatic ROPP Capper
Automatic ROPP Capping Machine - Multi-head
Automatic Packaging System with ROPP Capper
Automatic ROPP Capper - Small Aluminum Bottle