Automatic Capping Machine - ROPP Capper


Using a cap delivery system and one or more unique capping heads, the Automatic ROPP Capper from Liquid Packaging Solutions offers consistent and trustworthy seals for a variety of products.  After bottles receive the blank aluminum closure, capping heads descend to allow knives to create a thread on each bottle, providing tamper evidence for the products being prepared.  Alternative heads for sealing plastic closures are also available for the ROPP capping machine. 

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Automatic ROPP capping machine with multiple heads
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Indexing System for Bottle Locating
  • 4-Roll Capping Head for ROPP Closures
  • No Cap, No Roll Head
  • No bottle, No Cap vision system
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Simple Height Adjustment
  • E-Stop Button
  • Cap Sorter and Chute for Cap Delivery
  • Capping Heads for Screw-On or Twist-Off closures
  • Custom capping head
  • Multiple capping heads
  • Electric Configurations to meet power needs
Automatic ROPP Capper
Automatic ROPP Capping Machine - Multi-head
Automatic Packaging System with ROPP Capper
Automatic ROPP Capper - Small Aluminum Bottle