Semi-Automatic Capping Machine - ROPP Capper


The Semi-Automatic ROPP Capping Machine is manufactured specifically for aluminum roll on pilfer proof caps.  However, a capping head for the ROPP Capper is also available to seal standard twist-off or screw-on plastic caps.  The operator of the Semi-Automatic ROPP Capping Equipment simply places a cap on the container and positions the container under the capping head, then presses activation buttons to initiate the seal.  The ROPP capping head will then descend and thread the cap onto the container!

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Semi-Automatic ROPP capping machine
  • Simple operation
  • Stainless steel capping head
  • 4 Roll Head
  • No Cap, No Roll Head
  • Push button activation
  • Simple height adjustment
  • E-Stop button
  • Adjustable feet for easy leveling
  • Capping Head for Screw-On or Twist-Off closures
  • Custom capping head
  • Electric Configurations to meet power needs
Semi-Automatic ROPP Capper