Semi-Automatic Capping Machine - Snap Capper

The Semi-Automatic Snap Capping Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutionsuses a press on head or press belt to seal containers.  Built on the same frame as the Automatic Snap Capper, the semi-automatic machine will not include a cap or closure delivery system, but instead will use manual labor to place caps or lids before the sealing process.  Once the cap is placed, the cap and container combination will travel through the capping zone on a conveyor belt, where the press head or belt will apply pressure to secure the closure in place.  Semi-Automatic Snap Cappers work with a range of container shapes and sizes that use press-on type clsoures for sealing.

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Semi-automatic snap capping machine
  • Portable C-Frame construction
  • Press on head or Press on belt
  • Adjustable gripper belts
  • NEMA 4 modulat control box with variable speed DC controls
  • Power Height adjustment
  • Stanless steel face panel and lower base
  • Tool free changeover
  • Made in the USA
  • Dual gripper belts
  • Hazardous location/environment construction - Class I Division II, Groups C&D
  • Right to Left Feed
  • Automatic Models - Add chute and sorting device
  • Tabletop Model
Snap Capper - Semi-Automatic