Tabletop Capping Machine - Spindle Capper

Model#: CAP-SPN-TT

The Tabletop Spindle Capping Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions offers an economical solution for low to medium production capping projects that use screw-on, or continuous thread, closures.  The tabletop spindle capper is ideal for containers with trigger sprayers, pump tops or other closures that may not work with simple chuck capping machines.  Operators of a tabletop spindle capper will place the cap on the bottle and slide the combination between the spindles to allow the closure to be easily and consistently tightened.

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Spindle Capper - Tabletop Version
  • Stainless steel tabletop frame
  • Two adjustable tightening spindles
  • Easy operation
  • Handswitch activation
  • Made in the USA
  • Automatic and Semi-automatic spindle capping
  • Different durometer spindle discs
Tabletop Spindle Capping Machine