Induction Sealer - 4 KW & 6 KW

Model#: IND-4KW

The added power of the 4kw and 6kw waterless induction sealers make these systems ideal for high-speed induction sealing.  These systems are available only as a portable system and are normally used in high production facilities to keep up with the fastest conveyor line speeds!

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  • Waterless, interchangeable sealing coils
  • High speed capabilities
  • Microprocessor with easy to use control panel
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Fully adjustable output
  • Auto start capability
  • Adjustable loss of seal alarm
  • Customer interlock and run signal
  • Missing foil, loose cap, stalled bottle detection package
  • Reject device with verification
  • In feed bottle stop gate