Automatic Capping Machine - Pail Lid Presser


The Automatic Pail Lid Presser from Liquid Packaging Solutions is a specialty capper built for one gallon to five gallon containers, such as paint cans.  This capping machine is manufactured specifically for the clsoure and container to be capped, and comes equipped with a power conveyor to move the container through the capping process.

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Pail Lid Presser from Liquid Packaging Solutions
  • Portable C-Frame construction
  • Press-on head or belt
  • Cap sorting device - cap elevator
  • Cap chute
  • Six foot power conveyor
  • NEMA 4 modular control box with variable speed DC controls
  • Power height adjustment
  • Stainless steel face panel and lower base
  • Tool free changeover
  • Made in the USA
  • Semi-automatic machine
  • All pneumatic machine (press-on head)
  • Various conveyor types, lengths and belts