Automatic Capping Machine - Spindle and Snap Capper


The Automatic Spindle/Snap Capping Machine combines the spindle wheels of the Spindle Capper with a press-on head or press-on belt of the Snap Capper.

This capping machine is ideal for the production facility that caps many different products using many different cap types and styles.  The spindles and snap device can be used in combination for caps that are difficult to seal or they can be used individually depending on the cap being run in production.  Spindle/Snap capping equipment offers the versatility of two capping machines in one!

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Combination Snap and Spindle Capping Machine
  • Portable C-Frame construction
  • Cap sorting device - cap elevator
  • Cap chute
  • Six adjustable tightening
  • Press-on-head or belt
  • Two tightening clutches
  • Adjustable gripper belt assembly
  • NEMA 4 modular control box with variable speed DC controls
  • Power height adjustment
  • Stainless steel face panel and lower base
  • Tool free changeover
  • Made in the USA
  • Semi-automatic machine
  • Cap sorting device - vibratory bowl
  • Cap sorting device - centrifugal bowl
  • Additional tightening stations
  • Dual gripper belts
  • Hazardous location/environment construction - Class I, Division II, Groups C & D
  • Right to left feed
Combination Spindle Capper and Snap Capping Machine