Automatic Filling Machine - Piston Filler

Model#: FIL-PI-POR

Though ideal for high viscosity liquids, semi-solids and products with particulates, Automatic Piston Fillers manufactured with up to 12 fill heads can fill liquids both thick and thin.  Using a piston that never changes volume, these machines offer a highly accurate volumetric fill for packaging projects across many different industries.

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Automatic Piston Filling Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions
  • Heavy Duty Portable Stainless Steel Frame
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC with touchscreen operator control system
  • Power Height Adjustment
  • Up To 12 Cylinders/Fill Heads
  • Product Supply Hopper
  • Various Piston Sizes
  • Upgradeable
  • Missing Bottle and Anti-Bottle Backup Vision Systems
  • Tool Free Adjustments
  • Made in the USA
  • Semi-Automatic Machine
  • Automatic Drip Tray
  • Bottle Grabbers - Neck Grabbers
  • Various Indexing Systems - Pin or Gate, Timing, Screw, Starwheel and Shuttle
  • Hazardous Location/Environment Construction - Class I, Division II, Groups C&D
  • Larger Hopper
  • Heated Hopper
  • Heated Valve Block
  • High Temperature Applications
  • Level Control System
  • Diving Head Nozzles
  • Product Agitation and Mixing
  • Teflon Contact Parts
  • Wash Down Motors and Controls
  • Various Fill Ranges
Automatic Piston Filling Machine
Automatic Piston Filler - Small Bottles
Automatic Piston Filling Machine - Paint
Automatic Piston Filler - Horseshoe Line