Economical Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machine - Wrap Labeler


Apply wrap labels with ease with the Economical Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machine that offers quick and easy set up and changeover.  Operators simply place a container on the labeler conveyor and synchronized motors provide a smooth, wrinkle-free labeling process.  Available for a wide range of container sizes, this labeler can be custom manufactured for extra-large or unique wrap labels.

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  • Stainless steel frame and components
  • Self-Set Technology
  • 50 job memory
  • Standard label sensor
  • Variable speed product separator
  • Variable speed conveyor with 4" wide belt and wrap belt assembly
  • Product diameter from 1/2" to 5"
  • Label length from 1/2" to 10", width from 3/8" to 4 3/4"
  • Label core size of 3" with a maximum diameter of 14"
  • Spare parts kit
  • Clear label sensor
  • Hot stamp coder
  • Low foil detection for hot stamp coder
  • Left hand labeling
  • Increased maximum label length
  • Custom peel blades
  • Conveyor options
  • Infeed separator screw assembly
  • Thermo-transfer printer integration
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