Advantages of Complete Packaging Systems - Rinse, Fill, Cap and More

In the packaging world, automation levels for different businesses vary greatly. We have spoken before about a business that automates one process of packaging, such as filling or capping, while continuing to complete the other processes in a manual fashion. Some packagers use semi-automatic packaging machinery for all components of preparing a product, while others may use a mix of semi-automatic and automatic machinery. While any level of automation will benefit a packager, there are also advantages to running a completely automated packaging system.


The main advantage of automating the packaging system is the additional speed gained over hand-preparing or even using semi-automatic equipment. With an automatic packaging line, an operator will be used to set up the machine prior to production. This may include adjustments to each machine for the bottle, cap, product, label or other components being used. However, once set up, the automatic machinery can run constantly without operator interaction beyond keeping bulk components, such as caps, available for the line. Automatic machinery can allow a packager to rinse, fill, cap and otherwise prepare product at speeds of over 100 bottles per minute. When hand packaging or using semi-automatic equipment, the product can only be prepared as fast as the operator can perform. The increase in speed allows packagers to meet higher demands and take bigger contracts than would be possible with manual or semi-automatic packaging.

Reduce Labor Costs

As noted above, the operator interaction with bottles, caps, labels and other components is greatly reduced when using automatic packaging machinery. Although an operator or operators may be necessary to set up and monitor equipment, as well as replace bulk components, the number of operators as well as the time required for each operator will be significantly reduced. Some packagers with automatic systems may still use an operator to load bottles at the beginning of the line as well as unload finished product at the end. However, operators will no longer be needed for each rinse, fill or cap cycle run.

Consistency and Reliability Across Entire Packaging Line

We have mentioned before that though semi-automatic equipment may not always speed up a process, the machines offer the benefit of consistency and reliability. Automatic machinery will speed up the packaging process while offering the same or better consistency and reliability. For example, after setting up an automatic spindle capping machine, each bottle and cap that runs through that machine will be tightened in a consistent, repeatable manner, removing unwanted loose or over-tightened caps and seals. Once the machine is adjusted for the bottle and cap being run, it will continue to tighten each in the same manner.

While not all packagers will require or desire a complete, automated packaging line, the benefits and advantages of running automatically will lead some to move to automation early in the process, leaving room for the company to grow into the equipment. For more information on the different levels of automation, or for assistance in finding the right equipment for your project, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions today.