Should I Use a Gravity Filler or an Overflow Filling Machine?

For new packagers, choosing the correct filling machine for any given project can be a challenge. In many cases, more than one filling machine can be used to fill bottles and in some cases more than one filler will do the job efficiently. For example, free-flowing water like liquids are often filled using an overflow filler or a gravity filler. So how does a packager know which will work best for his or her product?

Understanding fill principles will help a packager to make an informed choice when it comes to finding the best solution for a project. While gravity fillers and overflow filling machines can handle many of the same products, they fill in different ways. A gravity filling machine uses a fill by volume principle. In other words, a gravity filler places the same volume of liquid into each container. Some industries may have certain tolerances that must be met, meaning that each bottle must contain a certain volume range in each bottle. Gravity fillers allow for quick, efficient and accurate volumes to be placed into each container with each cycle.

Overflow filling machines, on the other hand, will fill each bottle to a specific level with each cycle, even if this means the volume may vary slightly from container to container. While volume can vary slightly from bottle to bottle, the overflow filler is ideal for products that are packaged in clear containers. Level fills when product shows on the shelf can create a sense of trust in consumers as well as an aesthetically pleasing view for those looking at the product in the store.

Most of the time gravity fillers will come close to creating a level fill, and overflow fillers will be fairly consistent in the volume of product placed into a bottle. Variation come in large part based on the manufacture of the bottle. But for industries that are strict on volume, gravity fillers may be preferable and where a clear container is used, a packager may prefer an overflow filler.

There are, of course, many other factors that may be considered when choosing the correct filling machine for any project. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we make sure to look at all aspects of a project before recommending, building and delivering the ideal filling solution.