Air Rinsing Machines - Automatic Indexing Set Up

Air Rinsing Machines - Automatic Indexing Set Up

Automatic container cleaning equipment, like the inverting air rinsing machine, will almost always include an automatic set up screen on the operator interface.  This automatic set up screen allows for quick and easy setting of the indexing times for any given bottle.  Once the rinsing machine is properly positioned on the production floor, follow the quick steps outlined below to automatically set up the indexing times for a rinsing machine with pin indexing.  The automatic air rinsing machine also includes a recipe screen that will allow these indexing times to be saved along with other critical data, like actual rinse times.
As noted above, the rinsing machine will need to be properly set up on the production floor.  This includes the sensor that count the bottles and the positioning of the indexing pins to accomodate the bottle size and number as needed.  The sensor is normally mounted on the conveyor system and will be pointed at a position that will "see" each bottle as it enters the rinsing machine.  The pins will also be mounted to the conveyor at positions before the rinse heads (the entry gate) and just after the final rinse head (the exit gate).  These gates, or pins, hold the bottles in position under the rinse heads to allow the air rinser to properly perform the container cleaning.  If the bottle size changes, the rinse heads and the indexing pins will need to be repositioned and indexing times reset.  Once the gates, sensors and rinse heads are set up, the following steps will automatically set up the indexing times:
1.  Line up containers to the left of the entry gate.  The number of containers should equal the number of rinse heads on the rinsing machine plus one extra container.  The first container in the line of containers should touch the entry gate.

2.  Turn on the conveyor.  This will normally be accomplished by using the conveyor control button on the operator interface on the control box.  The conveyor system on/off button will appear along the bottom of each and every screen on the operator interface.

3.  From the Main Menu of the Operator Interface, press the Auto Index Set Up button.

4.  On the Rinsing Machine Auto Index Set Up screen, press the Start ASU (Automatic Set Up) Index button.  Pressing this button opens the Entry Gate and allows the containers to begin indexing into the rinse area.  The sensor will count bottles as they enter the fill area and come to rest on the Exit Gate.  Once the correct number of containers have moved into the rinse area, the Entry Gate will close.

5.  Press the Save ASU button on the rinsing machine.
Automatic indexing for the specific container has now been set.  On the rinsing machine operator interface, return to the Main Menu and press the Adjust Pre-Sets button to see the indexing times that were just set.  Indexing times can be manually changed in the Adjust Pre-Sets menu or Automatic Set Up can be run again if necessary.  At this time, the Automatic Rinsing Machine is ready to run production.
This simple setting of indexing times is also available on other packaging machinery, such as liquid fillers.  As noted above, once the indexing is set on a rinsing machine or on filling equipment, the recipe screen can be used to save indexing times and all other functions of the packaging machines.  For facilities running a large number of different containers, the recipe screen allows for simple recall of previously run bottles, making set up even easier the second time through.  For more information on rinsing machines, indexing systems, or any of the packaging equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, contact a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.