An Overview of the Most Popular Bottle Fillers

If you have browsed the Liquid Packaging Solutions website in search of a solution for filling your bottles, you have likely already noticed that many different types of filling machines exist. In most cases, more than one type of liquid filler would work on the product being filled. However, by taking in to account a number of factors in addition to the actual product being filled, LPS can assist in finding and manufacturing the best solution for any given project. Below is a quick refresher on a few of the most popular filling machines built in the La Porte, Indiana plant.

1. Overflow Filler

Overflow filling machines are unique in that they allow all bottles to be filled to a specific, consistent level. For products packaged in clear containers, one benefit is the added aesthetics when the product reaches the shelf. Overflow fillers work well with thin liquids such as water and sports drinks, but may not be the best choice for thicker products. Also note that because the overflow filler fills to the same level with each cycle, the accuracy by volume will depend on the interior volume of the bottle.

2. Gravity Filler

A gravity filler is a time-based filling machine that, unlike the overflow machine, fills bottles based on volume. Each nozzle on a gravity filler can be adjusted to remain open for a specific amount of time, releasing a specific volume of product in to the container. The manufacture of the bottles will once again come in to play, as fill levels may vary if the interior volume of the bottles vary as well.

3. Pump Filler

Pump fillers are one of the better choices for thicker products that need a little extra push to move through the product pathway and in to the waiting containers. Pumps chosen for any project will be chosen to match the product or products being run. Different pumps may be better for different viscosities and some pumps are better at others when it comes to moving product with particulates. Each fill head on these liquid fillers will have its own pump to move product.

4. Piston Filler

Piston fillers are a second choice when it comes to moving thick or viscous products. Piston filling machines load product in to a cylinder, with the piston moving the product to the waiting containers. As the interior volume of the cylinder never changes, the machine offers a highly accurate volumetric fill. Piston fillers are also good for jams, jellies, sauces and other products that may have particulates.

Of course, these four machines do not cover every situation. LPS manufactures other filling machines and custom filling equipment when the project requires the same. To learn more about the filling machines and which may work best with your own product, contact LPS today to speak with a Packaging Specialist.