Packaging Machinery Summertime Maintenance - Water Traps

With the increased heat in our area lately, we figured now might be a good time for a quick reminder for those packagers using an air compressor and pneumatic components on their packaging machinery. With increased heat and humidity comes an increase in condensation. To avoid downtime and to protect the equipment, packagers should be monitoring air regulators and draining as necessary!

A filter regulator is used to eliminate water in an airline while also controlling the pressure of the air as it moves through the line. The filter catches moisture into a convenient water trap that can easily be drained. During these heat waves, the amount of water will obviously increase, and it's a good idea to regularly check the trap to ensure it is not full. The draining process is quick and simple and can save hours of downtime in the future. In some cases, depending on temperature and environment, the water traps may need to be drained more than once a day!

It may also be a good idea to check the filter to ensure that the element is not clogged if air flow rate is reduced while also checking for leaks in the air lines themselves. The summer months can also act as a calendar reminder to drain the air compressor as well as the regulator to ensure the safe and proper operation of the pneumatic system as a whole. Check the compressor manual for the proper procedure for draining the tank.

Remember that high levels of heat may affect not only the machinery and certain components, but the products being packaged as well. Some liquids will become more or less viscous with added heat. If packaging equipment seems to malfunction, such as changing fill levels, it may be a change to the product rather than a defective component. The solution for such deviations can often be as simple as adding time to the fill or making other changes to machinery settings rather than replacing components.

Liquid Packaging Solutions stocks filter regulators and many other components for packaging machinery to avoid long waits should the unexpected occure. LPS technicians are also available to troubleshoot issues in the summer or any other time of the year, either by phone or on-site when necessary. To inquire about parts or technical assistance, contact LPS Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693 and ask for extension 304. In the alternative, inquiries can be sent by email to