Automatic Spindle Capper Operation

Automatic spindle cappers are a popular machine choice for sealing bottles with screw-on, continuous thread type closures. These closures may include flat caps found on bottled water and other beverages, flip tops found on shampoo and conditioner bottles, pump sprayers found on soaps and similar products and many other different formats. However, all of these caps simply screw down over the container opening to create a seal. The spindle capper tightens caps by using spinning disks to contact the cap and consistently spin the closure down on the threads.

The operation of the spindle capping machine itself is extremely simple, once the machine is properly set up. The automatic capping machine works without operator assistance by using a cap delivery system - in the form of an elevator, bowl or combination - to deliver caps to a chute, which in turn deliver caps to each bottle as they enter the machine on the power conveyor. Bottles and caps are held steady by a stabilizer bar and gripper belts, while caps are tightened by the aforementioned spindle disks. Spindle cappers can run a range of both bottle and cap sizes, so that adjustments to all of the above mentioned components must be made available.

The cap delivery system may need slight adjustments for different cap sizes or shapes. Almost all adjustments, from elevator tilt to chute width and more, can be easily done on the cap delivery system. And the same is true of adjustments to the capping machine itself. An automatic height adjustment allows for easy up and down adjustment of the capper casing, including the spindle disks, stabilizer bar and gripper belts. Gripper belt can also be individually adjusted both up and down, as well as in and out, with simple hand cranks. In addition, each spindle disk can be adjusted both in and out by using simple hand cranks.

Once the adjustments are made, the operation of the capping machine requires very little interaction from the human operator of the packaging line. The automatic spindle capper is manufactured to run continuously as bottles pass on the conveyor system. Therefore, the operator of the machine or the line simply needs to ensure that bulk bottles and caps are available during production. The operator would, of course, monitor the bottle capper, along with any other machines on the line, to ensure smooth operation and troubleshoot if issues arise.

In addition to monitoring for proper line function, the operator of the machine will also want to occasionally check the wear parts on the spindle capping machine. Both spindle disks and gripper belts come in contact with the cap and bottle, respectively. Over time, these parts will need to be replaced to ensure proper performance. Replacement should not be a common occurrence, and excessive wear on these parts could be a sign of a bigger problem. As with any troubleshooting issue, LPS technicians are always a toll-free call away at 888-393-3693.