Future of Cannabis Packaging Likely Growth with Legalization

As those in the cannabis industry know, Illinois recently became the eleventh state to legalize cannabis for recreational use by adults. Though there will certainly be more work to be done between now and 2020 regarding rules, regulations and guidelines, Illinois is about to open up a new market within the boundaries of their state, joining the likes of Colorado, Michigan, California and the District of Columbia, among others.

While the legalization of cannabis means that marijuana may be used for both medical and recreational purposes, the implications of passing such a law reach a little farther. While much of the conversation will surround marijuana in general, possession and smoking, the law opens the door for different products such as CBD oils, infused foods and beverage and more. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, new products can mean new manufacturing solutions. CBD oils have been a booming product in the recent past, and each time the legality of cannabis is spread to another state, the popularity of the oils get a boost as well! Small, tincture style Boston Round bottles are arguably more popular now simply due to the fact that CBD oil manufacturers use these containers in tandem with plugs or eyedroppers to give consumers convenient packaging.

And with legalization also comes experimentation - in packaging - with some surprising products. From gummy bears to toothpaste and mouthwash to shampoo, honey and more, many industries are adding cannabis to their ingredient list where few would expect such an addition. In the packaging machinery world, this simply means the effect of the legalization is felt even beyond the call for more machinery for the smaller bottle, eye-dropper type system noted above. Cannabis and cannabis-infused products may be packaged using small bottles, large bottles, screw-on type caps, ROPP caps and in nearly every package imaginable as more and more companies continue to experiment.

So as cannabis becomes more and more accepted, or legalized, across the United States, the machinery used to package such products will also expand, to include a number of different filling machines, capping machines and system designs. CBD oils using 50 ml bottles may benefit from a monoblock system to stabilize bottles while filling, capping and otherwise preparing the containers. While 16 ounce cannabis infused beverages may be better suited for an inline system to fill, cap and label the liquids.

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, every product and project is analyzed, taking in to account the range of products, bottles, caps, labels, production demand and other components that make up the brand on the shelf. It is only through the analysis of all of these factors that LPS can work with a packager to find the ideal solution for that packagers unique circumstances. To discuss your own project with a Packaging Specialist, simply contact the LPS offices today.