Body Lotions, Creams and Filling Machines

Body lotions and creams are popular cosmetic products typically associated with rehydrating the skin. However, some lotions may be used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, such as sunscreen or acne cream. Different uses and benefits lead to a variety of different lotions and creams available on the market. These lotions and creams can range from an almost water-like viscosity to a much thicker and less free-flowing liquid. The different viscosities of the product mean that several different filling machines can be used for packaging. The trick is to choose the right liquid filler for the lotions and creams being filled.

For lotions that are closer to a water-like consistency, the overflow filling machine can often be an ideal filling solution. Overflow fillers are also a great choice for products that are packaged in clear bottles or containers, as they machine uses a fill to level principle. Overflow nozzles create a seal over the bottle opening and then release product in to the bottle. Once the liquid reaches the desired level, extra product will "overflow" out of the container and recirculate to the tank, thus minimizing product waste as well. For thicker lotions and creams, however, better options exist.

Both pump filling machines and piston fillers can handle thicker viscosities with ease. Pump filling machines allow for flexibility by matching the pump to the actual cream or lotion being filled. An accurate volumetric fill can be achieved using either a time-based system or a pulse based system. Time based systems simply fill for the chosen amount of time, while pulse based will be measured by some function of the pump. For example, a pulse for a gear pump may be a quarter, half or full turn of the gear.

Piston fillers also work with higher viscosity creams and lotions, and may be the best choice for the thickest of liquids. Also a volumetric fill, the piston simply retracts to allow product in to the cylinder, then pushes product in to waiting bottles when it returns to the cylinder. Piston fillers can also handle both thin and thick liquids, which can make the machine the ideal solution for companies packaging a range of creams and lotions.

Each one of these filling machines can be built for automatic or semi-automatic production, including tabletop equipment where space is limited. To learn more about the different filling machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, browse the filling machinery section of the website or contact an LPS Packaging Specialist today.