Designing Safe Packaging Machinery

Designing packaging solutions for any packaging project involves finding the most efficient manner of moving, filling, capping and otherwise preparing the product. But the speed and efficiency are not the only factors considered. Different packagers may have different goals as to output, sustainability, space, cost and many other items. One consideration that remains consistent across all packaging projects, however, is safety. Before Liquid Packaging Solutions equipment can reach a customers production floor, LPS Packaging Specialists must be convinced that the design and manufacture of the packaging machinery for every project undertaken, is safe.

While the safety features for any packaging line will depend on the specific design for that line, there are certain features which are, more or less, built in to certain machines. Conveyors, for example, will include guarding around chains and pinch points, with some having a fully enclosed return as well. General guarding will also exist on rinsing, filling, capping and other individual machines to reduce or remove the likelihood of injury at pinch points or returns and restrict hands from reaching in where they do not belong.

Automatic packaging machinery may include several other safety features as well, including fully enclosed machinery with sensor activated doors that will shut down production should the door be open. Special circumstances may require special safety features as well. Intrinsically safe sensors, remote control panels and other features exist for various hazardous environments.

Even semi-automatic and tabletop packaging machinery will include guarding and other features to ensure safety. With certain semi-automatic fillers, cappers and other machinery finger switches will be used to both activate the fill or cap as well as ensure hands are away from danger areas before a cycle will start. Semi-automatic machines can also be built on full frames, and will typically include all of the applicable safety features found on automatic machinery.

And while custom machinery designed from scratch will require engineering to solve unique filling, capping and other aspects of packaging a project, LPS Packaging Specialists will always ensure that custom machines are safe as well as functional and efficient. From the simplest machine to the most complex packaging line, analyzing the operation of the system helps LPS create the best solution for any packaging project as it relates to performance, cost and safety. To learn more about any of the packaging equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, or for help finding the perfect solution for your own packaging project, browse our website or contact an LPS representative today.