Bottle Separators Allow for Smooth Movement and Operation

While not every packaging line will require a bottle separator, these simple machines can help add efficiency to a line by speeding up certain processes and ensuring consistency in others.

Bottle separators will use either a disk or a belt, and sometimes two disks or belts, to provide separation between bottles on a packaging line. For certain machines or bottle types, this can help stop issues with the process taking place. One of the most common sections of a packaging line to take advantage of the bottle separator is the labeling process. In most cases, as bottles move through a labeling machine, the bottle will strip a single label off of a roll for application. If bottles are congested and too close together, the label may not be applied correctly, adhering to more than one bottle and creating a headache for the operators of the machine. Using a bottle separator places just enough space between bottles to allow for consistent and reliable label application.

Separators can also be used where a long conveyor system is in place on a packaging line. Conveyors must be broken down into sections to avoid putting too much stress on a single belt or set of sprockets. Long power conveyor lines, then, will consist of several conveyors placed together to move the bottles along the line. For example, five ten foot conveyors may be used to move containers 50 feet through rinsing, filling, capping or other processes. Where the conveyors meet, a dead plate will typically be used to connect the belts and allow container to move from one conveyor to the next without tipping or spilling or splashing product.

Depending on the containers and their contents, bottles may need some assistance moving across a dead plate. The spinning disks or belts of the bottle separator can be used in these situations to give the bottles a little aid crossing the dead plate. The separators allow the flow of containers to continue and help to avoid back pressure and possible bottle jams in and around the machinery.

While simple machines, both disk and belt type bottle separators can help to speed up certain packaging processes while also helping to avoid packaging line issues. For more information on bottle separators or any of the equipment provided by Liquid Packaging Solutions, reach out through the company via the contact forms found on the website or call 1-219-393-3600 today.