Turntables and Conveyors for Any Packaging Line

Any combination of packaging machinery can constitute a packaging system, based on the needs of the packager. For some, a tabletop filling and capping machine may make up a packaging system when combined with manual labor to prepare a product for the shelf. Other systems may use completely automated machines to rinse, fill, cap, label, pack and prepare for shipment. Different machines and automation levels are manufactured for different companies. Two types of packaging equipment that may be put to use by packagers both large and small, however, are turntables and power conveyors.

Loading turntables may be used on a number of different systems to deliver empty bottles to the equipment. These machines provide a flat surface for an operator to quickly and easily load a number of empty bottles onto the system. The loading turntable uses a bottle guide to direct containers to the edge of the table top and onto the power conveyor. Once on the power conveyor, the bottles can be delivered to rinsing machines, filling machines, capping equipment and more. Even some semi-automatic equipment may use a turntable for loading and a conveyor for delivery while leaving the operator to simply activate the fill.

Accumulating turntables will also be seen on both automatic and semi-automatic systems. Rather than allow for the loading of containers, the accumulating table collects product after one or more packaging tasks have been completed. Though often used at the end of a line after being filled, capped and labeled, the accumulating table can be used anywhere in a packaging line to collect containers. With semi-automatic equipment, bottles may be collected on a table after the fill, allowing manual labor to use a handheld capping machine or to simply hand seal containers. Both types of turntables can add efficiency to a packaging system by making loading or accumulating a quick and easy process.

Conveyors, while an integral part of any automatic packaging line, can also add efficiency to semi-automatic lines. Without a conveyor system to move containers between automatic machines such as fillers and cappers, the automatic machines lose much of their efficiency as another method is necessary to move the containers from one machine to the next. Semi-automatic packaging machinery can be manufactured in different formats. Once of these formats includes building the semi-automatic equipment on a full frame. On a capping machine, for example, an operator may simply place caps on bottles as they move down a conveyor, allowing the machine to do the tightening and sealing.

Conveyors can be manufactured to meet the needs of almost any project, including raised belt, sanitary-style, low profile, or C-frame. Though typically manufactured using stainless steel, different materials can be used when a project so requires.

To learn more about how turntables or conveyors can help add efficiency to your own packaging line, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions today.