Bottled Water Packaging Lines

Bottled Water Packaging Lines

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we often receive requests for information or even pricing on bottled water lines.  These general requests, unfortunately, assume that a single packaging line will work for every bottled water application.  While there does exist a popular packaging solution for bottled water plants, variations do exist.

Consider that most bottled water comes in a sixteen ounce (16.9 to be exact), clear, plastic bottle, uses a screw on cap and will be adorned with a wrap label and it is understandable that a common packaging solution exists.  Where the components - product, container, cap and label - are constant, the machinery may remain fairly constant as well.  Even the individual machines may be the same or very similar for multiple packagers of bottled water.  

For example, given that bottled water comes in a clear container, the overflow filler is the most popular filling machine for the industry.  This piece of equipment fills each plastic bottle to the same level, even if the interior volume of each bottle is slightly different, adding aesthetic value to the packaging process.  

Similarly, spindle capping machines are probably the most popular capping machine in the bottled water industry, as they easily handle the typical screw on flat cap used on this product.  The spindle capper consistently and quickly seals the plastic bottle and, as it does so continuously, can easily keep up with most automatic filling machines.

As for adding a label, there may be more variation here than with the fillers and cappers, but an automatic, pressure sensitive wrap labeler will be a common piece of equipment.  As the name suggests, these machines wrap a label around the bottle, providing the logo, product source and other information on a single label, versus front or front and back labels, which may also be found in the industry.

As noted, there will still be some variation in the bottled water industry.  Unique containers, flavors, caps or labels may require custom packaging machinery, or variations from the typical packaging line described above.  For these reasons, each and every bottled water project must be analyzed before LPS can offer reliable information or pricing on a bottled water line.  

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